Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morgan White, Jr., and WBZ Radio

I spent an enjoyable hour tonight as the guest of Morgan White, Jr., on Boston's WBZ Radio.  Morgan has for years been a regular guest host on WBZ (, and he's been filling in this week for the station's overnight host, Steve LeVeille.  (I've appeared as Morgan's guest a number of times in the past few years.)

We spoke about a particular television topic: police shows (in particular, police detective shows), over time.  Much time was spent talking about the incomparable Columbo program, which starred Peter Falk.  Falk, of course, recently passed away, at 83.

I meant to mention one thing, during the conversation:  that the writer and producer William Link, who with the late Richard Levinson created Columbo (along with many other notable television programs), released a book last year; it features new Columbo-related short stories.  I have not yet gotten the book, but expect to do so soon.

Here is the book's amazon link:

And here, too, is Morgan White, Jr.'s website: