Saturday, February 22, 2014

Morgan White, Jr. and Mel Simons

Two good friends (friends of each other; friends of mine)--both of them Boston-based entertainers, authors, and trivia experts--will appear together, this evening, on Boston's WBZ Radio.

Mel Simons will be the guest of Morgan White, Jr., host of The Morgan Show, which airs Saturday nights on WBZ from 10 to midnight (Eastern time).

The program can be heard at this link:

Morgan White's web address is:

Mel Simons' web address is:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"An Evening of Old Time Radio"

My friends Johnny and Helen Holmes, of Mount Holly, New Jersey, are the focus of a feature story in today's Burlington County (NJ) Times.

The story concerns their ongoing Old-Time Radio presentations at Mount Holly's Daily Grind coffee house.  They've appeared at The Daily Grind every other month since the fall of 2012--and another presentation will take place this Friday evening, from 6:30 to 9.  This week's event will feature three episodes of Jack Benny's radio program; the episodes are from the nineteen thirties, forties, and fifties.

Here is the link to the Burlington County Times feature:

Here, too, are the Facebook links for The Daily Grind, and for Johnny and Helen Holmes's "Evening of Old Time Radio" page.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sid Caesar

I'm saddened to learn of the passing of the great comedian and actor Sid Caesar.  He died today, at 91.

Here's an amazon link for the very interesting and enjoyable autobiography, now out-of-print, that he wrote  (with Bill Davidson) in the early 1980s, Where Have I Been?  The book, of course, covers his work on the landmark early television program Your Show of Shows.

Another memoir, Caesar's Hours (written with Eddy Friedfeld),  was published in 2003.  Here's the amazon link for the paperback edition of the book, which was released in 2005:

Monday, February 10, 2014

In the audience, at "The Ed Sullivan Show"

One of the many wonderful moments of The Beatles' first appearance on Ed Sullivan's TV program, fifty years ago Sunday night, concerned a young girl in the audience;  I've enjoyed, for years, this part of the broadcast.  

One of the show's cameras focused upon the girl for several seconds, and it captured what was clearly her utter joy in watching The Fab Four.  She was seen while The Beatles performed "I Want to Hold Your Hand," and for a fraction of a second, before the cameras turned elsewhere, she gestured, with her hands--as if, it appeared, she were playing the drums, along with Ringo Starr.

I learned, last week--via a CBS Evening News story by reporter Anthony Mason--a little about her. She was 13 years old, at the time, and her name is Andrea Tebbets.  Here is the link to the CBS story: