Monday, July 7, 2014

Morgan White, Jr. interview

An interview with my friend Morgan White, Jr.--longtime Boston radio talk show host, trivia expert, trivia-oriented entertainer, and author--aired, on June 19th, on my weekly "Radio Once More"
program (Thursdays, 9 to midnight, Eastern).

Here is the audio recording of the interview, which is approximately thirty-five minutes long.

(Please note that the recording, which I am posting temporarily, is copyrighted by "Radio Once More," and is posted here for private listening purposes only. )

Morgan White has worked for years for WBZ Radio (1030 AM). Since November, he has been the host of WBZ's "The Morgan Show," which is heard Saturday nights from 10 till midnight (Eastern).

You can listen to the program at this link:

Morgan White's website can be found here: