Thursday, June 7, 2012

Merwyn Bogue and Sue Bennett, Cleveland-area TV magazine, November, 1950

From the second season of Kay Kyser’s television show, on NBC: a photo of Ish Kabibble (Merwyn Bogue), and my mother, Sue Bennett, on a November, 1950 cover of TV Today, a television guide from the Cleveland area. The magazine also featured listings for television stations in Toledo, Ohio, and Detroit and Lansing, Michigan.

There was no story, inside the issue, about the Kay Kyser program (other than a brief description of the cover photo).

One brief feature in the issue (as noted on the magazine’s cover) concerned television’s “Worst Show.” Readers were asked to submit nominations; the winner of the contest was Mrs. A. L. McCleary of Detroit. She argued, in a letter to the magazine, that TV’s worst show was the quiz/game program Beat the Clock. (This, despite noting that she liked the show’s host—who, though unnamed in the letter, was Bud Collyer—“very much.” )

Though selecting her as the contest’s winner, the editors disagreed with her view of the program, writing that Beat the Clock was “pretty good entertainment.” (Incidentally, Mrs. McCleary, in her letter, made note of her fondness for other quiz shows—such as What’s My Line, Kay Kyser’s program, “and many others.”) The article is presented here via two scans.