Sunday, May 13, 2012

Perry Como & The Ray Charles Singers, 1954

As noted in the prior post (about a photograph of Your Hit Parade, from 1950 or 1951), singer Marilyn Jackson (seen in the Hit Parade picture) was, at the time, one of The Ray Charles Singers, on Perry Como’s television show.

Here is a video (from a kinescope) of Perry Como, with The Ray Charles Singers (including Marilyn Jackson, seen in the image below), from 1954. They are singing Como’s hit song, from that year, “Papa Loves Mambo.” I posted the same video, in this space, a couple of years ago.

As I mentioned, in the 2010 post, a particularly interesting (and enjoyable) part of the 1954 performance is this: that at the conclusion of the song (which took place at the end of that night’s telecast), there was time left over. Como and The Ray Charles Singers improvised, and sang part of the song again.

Here is the original post, from 2010:

(Above image: Marilyn Jackson, next to Perry Como, on Como's television program, 1954.)