Monday, October 17, 2011

Snooky Lanson & Gisele MacKenzie, on 1974 "Mike Douglas Show"

The following is a segment of The Mike Douglas Show, from May of 1974. The guests are Your Hit Parade singers Snooky Lanson (who starred on the TV show from 1950-1957), and Gisele MacKenzie (who starred on the program from 1953-1957). The video comes from a Gisele MacKenzie-related YouTube channel.

During the segment, Lanson describes a mistake which occurred during his singing of “O Holy Night,” on the Hit Parade’s 1954 Christmas broadcast. The YouTube video includes (at 3:23) a kinescope segment; the kinescope footage (not part of the 1974 Mike Douglas broadcast) includes the error Lanson was describing:

Here, too, is the link for the Gisele MacKenzie YouTube channel:

Snooky Lanson passed away in 1990, at age 76. Gisele MacKenzie passed away in 2003, also at 76.