Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Radio Once More"

I've written, in previous posts, about the Internet radio station "Radio Once More"; the station features Old-Time Radio and nostalgia-themed programming (please see:  I've appeared regularly on the station this year, as a guest, as a guest co-host, and (for the past few months) as a weekly host.  The show I'm hosting is called, simply, the "Thursday Live Show," and it airs Thursday nights from 9 to midnight; the program focuses largely on nostalgia-oriented subjects (but focuses, too, on other matters--such as history-related subjects which are not nostalgia-related).

On tonight's program, one of the topics will be the 1920 death of Cleveland Indians shortstop Ray Chapman, after he was hit by a pitch thrown by New York Yankees star Carl Mays.  The guest will be Mike Sowell, author of the book The Pitch That Killed.