Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Neal Ellis and Ken Stockinger

Congratulations to my friends Neal Ellis and Ken Stockinger, from “Radio Once More,” the Internet radio station which broadcasts Old-Time Radio and nostalgia-themed programming. (I have written previously in this space about the station, which was founded by, and is run by, Neal Ellis—and on which Ellis and Stockinger both appear, as hosts.) 

They received a significant honor, at the 25th annual Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention, which took place May 13-14 (and from which they conducted day-long broadcasts).

They were the co-recipients, at the convention, of the Stone/Waterman Award, named for radio's Ezra Stone (most famous for playing the character Henry Aldrich, on The Aldrich Family) and Willard Waterman (who played The Great Gildersleeve, after the show's original star, Harold Peary, left the program).

The award, given to Ellis and Stockinger for their “outstanding contribution(s) to the Preservation of Old-Time Radio," was presented by Bob Burchett, who runs the yearly convention.