Sunday, May 2, 2010

Actress Helen Wagner, 1963

Perhaps you are familiar with the following words: 

"And I thought about it, and I gave it a great deal of thought, Grandpa." 

They were spoken in 1963 by actress Helen Wagner, on CBS's As The World Turns. As she said the word "Grandpa," the broadcast was interrupted by a CBS News bulletin. Walter Cronkite's voice was then heard; he reported the shooting of President Kennedy, in Texas.

Wagner, who appeared on As The World Turns for decades, died on Saturday, at 91.  Here is a story about her death, and her career:

Here, too, is a YouTube video of the As The World Turns broadcast, in 1963.  Wagner's words, preceding the bulletin, take place at 9:54.

If you are unable to go directly to the end of the video, the following is an audio portion, a little more than a minute long, which begins shortly before the news bulletin:,_CBS_News_bulletin.mp3

(Photos, above, from CBS-TV, via YouTube.  First photo:  Helen Wagner, with actor Santos Ortega).