Saturday, August 15, 2009

Charles Bean, Joe McPherson, Freddy Guerra

This is an addendum to the 8/2/09 posting, below, which noted the recent passing of Charles Bean, of Duxbury, Mass., who performed on my mother’s 1950s Boston TV program, The Sue Bennett Show.

I sent the link for the posting to one of Charles Bean’s sons, Christopher. I learned, as a result, that Charles Bean, who played the trumpet, had in fact not performed in the show’s musical ensemble, as I had assumed, but had been one of the singers in the TV show’s vocal group, “The Freddy Guerra Trio.”

Visiting Boston several days ago, to see my father, I found a picture of Charles Bean, in a drawer containing a number of old photographs (see photo, above; photo by WBZ-TV). In the photograph, which is probably from 1954, Mr. Bean is standing behind my mother. To the left of the picture is singer Joe McPherson. Joe McPherson passed away in 1994, at age 61; he had remained a singer until the end of his life. To the right of the picture is Freddy Guerra.

In addition to being a singer, Freddy Guerra was a clarinetist and a saxophonist (and, through the years, a popular bandleader in New England). Guerra is known to fans of Glenn Miller as having been a musician in Miller’s Army Air Force band, during World War Two. He passed away in 2003, at age 79.