Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Dave White Presents," #2

Re: the radio show “Dave White Presents,” the subject of the previous post.

Although I was of course very pleased to be a guest on the 7/22/09 Dave White broadcast, I was also eager to listen to the show’s other guest.

Following my interview segment with Dave White, the program featured the second part of an interview with drummer Andy White, conducted by regular “Dave White Presents” contributor Wesley Britton. It was enjoyable listening to their conversation.

Beatles fans may know of White as the drummer who played on “P.S. I Love You,” and on the best-known version of “Love Me Do.”

In 1962, Ringo Starr, who had recently joined the Beatles, played on a recording of “Love Me Do,” yet producer George Martin was evidently displeased with his performance. A week later studio/session drummer Andy White was brought in, to play on another recording of the song. That day, White's drumming was also featured on “P.S. I Love You.”

While the Ringo Starr version of “Love Me Do” became the first version of the song released as a single, it was the Andy White version which appeared on the Beatles’ first UK album, “Please, Please Me.” The Andy White version was also later released as a single, and is, certainly, the version of the song most familiar to listeners. Years later, the Ringo Starr version was included on the Beatles’ “Rarities” CD, and on the Beatles’ “Past Masters, Volume One.”

One final detail about “Love Me Do”: another version of the song—featuring drummer Pete Best—was recorded a few months before the Starr and White versions were made, and can be heard on “Beatles Anthology #1.”

Here’s additional information about Andy White: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_White_(drummer)

For information about interviewer (and author) Wesley Britton, please click on this link: