Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chico and Harpo Marx

There was a very enjoyable recent posting on Michael Coston’s nostalgia-oriented blog, “Master of My Public Domain.” (http://masterofmypublicdomain.blogspot.com/)

Michael’s 6/22/09 post concerned the music of Chico and Harpo Marx, and included several YouTube videos featuring scenes from Marx Brothers films.

He wrote, of Harpo: “Make no mistake, Harpo was a killer harpist, able to play sweet or hot, as the situation demanded. His `jazz’ renditions of classic tunes are unforgettable.”

And of Chico’s wonderful piano playing, he wrote: “His routines were choreographed comedic masterpieces…”

Here's the link to the 6/22 post:


In November, 2008, as previously noted, the blog featured a kind review of “The Lucky Strike Papers.”