Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frank Ford

On Tuesday, Philadelphia lost one of its best-known—and finest—broadcasters. Frank Ford, who worked for decades as a Philadelphia radio talk show host, passed away at age 92.

His wife, Lynne Abraham, is Philadelphia’s District Attorney.


In the 1980s, Frank was the co-owner of Philadelphia all-talk station WDVT-AM, which was also known as “Talk 900.” He was also the host of an afternoon talk show on the station.

The station went on the air in 1985, and went out of business in 1988. It was a relatively small station, one which was heard only during the daylight hours, and which had less-than-stellar ratings.

It was also a terribly exciting place to work. I am guessing that most of the people who were part of the station—a mixture of radio veterans and radio newcomers (I was in the latter group)—would say the same thing.

I admired Frank, and always took great pleasure in watching him work, and in listening to him work. Philadelphia was very fortunate to have been the beneficiary of his considerable talent.