Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Big Band Jump"

“Big Band Jump” is an excellent syndicated radio show—originating in Atlanta, and heard on a great many stations in the United States and Canada. The show airs weekly, for two hours, and, as the title suggests, features music from the big band era; the program also provides interesting information about the featured songs and performers. The host of the program is broadcast veteran Don Kennedy.

The show’s “Big Band Jump Newsletter” is published six times a year; the cost of a yearly subscription is $24.95. The March-April, 2009 issue—the first issue in the newsletter’s 21st year of publication—includes a brief piece about The Lucky Strike Papers. The book, the newsletter observes, “takes us inside early TV to let us in on the confusion, uncertainty and thrill of performing ‘live’ in a black and white world before videotape…”

To find a station in your area which carries “Big Band Jump” (or to find out how to listen on-line), please go to: The web site also includes information about subscribing to the “Big Band Jump Newsletter.”

(Above right: "Big Band Jump" host Don Kennedy)