Monday, January 26, 2009

"TV Confidential," "The Rockford Files," "The Colgate Comedy Hour"

In December, as previously mentioned, I appeared on a California-based Internet-only radio show, “TV Confidential,” which airs every other week ( The show’s hosts, Ed Robertson and Frankie Montiforte, are interesting & enjoyable conversationalists, and they know a great deal about television—about TV shows, television history, and the workings of the TV industry.

Robertson is a journalist, commentator, and TV historian; Montiforte is a writer for television, and has also worked in various production capacities in both film and TV.

I’m now reading (and enjoying), incidentally, a book by Ed Robertson—“ ‘This Is Jim Rockford…’ The Rockford Files.”

The book is a history of James Garner’s private-eye TV series (1974-1980), and it includes cast and production credits (and other information) about all of the show’s episodes. While the book, published in 1995 by Pomegranate Press, is now out of print, in 2005 Robertson brought out an updated and much-expanded version of the book, “Thirty Years of the Rockford Files: An Inside Look at America's Greatest Detective Series.” The updated edition is published by ASJA Press, and is available on

It’s also available at Robertson’s own web site:

Please note: one of the topics on this Tuesday’s broadcast of “TV Confidential” (10 p.m.-12 a.m. EST) will be the early television series “The Colgate Comedy Hour.”