Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Radio Collectors Of America," & Boston television

It was thoroughly enjoyable speaking to the “Radio Collectors of America,” last Thursday night. The group meets in Quincy, Mass.; I was interviewed by phone by the group’s Vice President, Mel Simons. Others, including the group’s president, Bob Forrest, asked enjoyable questions following Mel’s interview.

One man, whose name I didn’t catch, said he thought he'd seen my mother on a particular TV show in Boston—this being after my parents left New York, and my mother’s network TV career was over. I had trouble hearing the question—it had to be relayed to me by Mel—yet the details the gentleman offered didn’t ring a bell; it seemed to me he was probably thinking of someone else.

Yet after the phone call was over, I thought about the question, and wish I could have spoken with the gentleman further; if his memory was right, and there had been a particular Boston TV show she had appeared on that I was not aware of, I would have enjoyed hearing more about it.

Above right: a newspaper advertisement for my mother’s weekly musical show (in 1954 and 1955) on Boston’s WBZ-TV. The show’s vocal group was led by musician Freddy Guerra; in the 1940s, Guerra (a clarinetist and saxophonist) had played in Glenn Miller’s Army Air Force Band.