Friday, April 25, 2008

Morgan White, Jr., & the S.S. United States

I had a terrific time appearing on Boston radio station WBZ on Sunday night—and not simply because, having grown up in the Boston area, I listened to the station throughout my childhood, and beyond.

The show’s guest host—Morgan White, Jr.—conducted a wonderful interview.

And I learned, during our conversation, about a point of intersection, regarding family history.

I have written, in previous posts, about the ocean liner the S.S. United States. It made its first voyage–from New York to England—in 1952. The last broadcast of NBC’s Your Hit Parade, for the 1951-1952 TV season, originated from the ship; this was five days before the ship’s maiden voyage. It turned out—though she did not know it at the time—that my mother’s appearance on the S.S. United States was to be her last appearance on Your Hit Parade.

During the interview, Morgan told me that his grandfather, in the 1950s, had been a steward on the S.S. United States. I loved learning about this—that we both have a once-removed connection to this legendary American ship.